The Acoustic Festival Of Britain Pt.1

The Mytacism Music team were lucky enough to be invited to this years ‘Acoustic Festival of Britain’, a whole weekend of glorious acoustics in the safety and cleanliness of Uttoxeter Racecourse. That’s right, clean and safe. And not only did it defy the typical deterrents a normal festival holds, it had seating, marquees that both provided musical delights and sufficient shelter from the rain for nearly everyone and posh porter loo’s. It sound’s brilliant doesn’t it? Well it was, and here’s our run down of some of our favourite acts.

The Moulettes

The Moulettes

It was Saturday, it was warm and there were ominous clouds crawling along the sky. On the Open Air Stage the Moulettes were stealing the limelight with their irresistible and jaunty set list. Not that anyone minded of course, the band were in high spirits and they mesmerized their crowd, despite the starting drizzle. Another mesmerizing act was about to begin in the solar powered Big Top Marquee in the form of the Belliamo Belly Dancers. They flashed us smiles, their bellies and gold as they jangled around their small performance area. Whilst their set was small, it inspired audience participation in their final song and everyone who dared to exit the tent into a downpour did so with huge smiles slapped on their faces.

The Belliamo Belly Dancers

The Belliamo Belly Dancers

As the weather worsened everyone crowded into the Real Ale tent and the Beer Sessions (some even sheltered in the toilets) and settled down for some warming performances. We chose the Beer Sessions tent as refuge and had the delight of seeing the wonderful Chris Tavener. He delivered a youthful and upbeat set and an impeccable cover of Paolo Nutini’s ‘New Shoes’ along with a quirky (and exceptional) track about Harry Styles. As the rain eased off, The Bard of Windmill Hill took to the stage with his humorous satire, a personal favourite of his poems was one about his ‘wi-fi sleeping with the neighbours’.

Chris Tavener

Chris Tavener

Back over on the Open Air Stage was the Demon Barbers XL who somehow successfully mixed invigorating folk with faultless breaking dancing, they really brought it all out for the festival. Another group who really put their all into their show was The Honey Fire who brought countless instruments, which, in it’s self, is a simple indicator to their talent. They sang through their technical problems, the girls angelic voices carrying over the feedback and drawing in any listener it could find.

The Demon Barbes XL

The Demon Barbers XL

It was then time for Hunter and the Bear to don the main stage, bringing their folk infused rock as they moved in a mirage of shiny locks. The Real Ale tent was soon to be packed out too, Hazel O’Connor was to take to the stage and perform an intimate and energetic set, brimming with some of her most well known songs. A note perfect Paul Carrack then closed the night, the audience was blissful and danced their way into the evening. A truly high end to a soggy day.



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