Introducing: Violet Contours + Interview

When I walked into a small pub in York, I wasn’t expecting to discover a brand new band. Not only had I not heard of them, but it would be very unlikely that many outside that pub had as well. They already seemed ready to swap the free pint with a gig to ticketed shows across the country. Violet Contours may only be a baby but they’re ready to show off their talents to everyone now. Being unsigned, self-managed and with only a demo or two on SoundCloud and Youtube, let’s not get ahead of ourselves but we, at Mysticism, could hear great things straight away. Their supporting set that I witnessed in York quickly encouraged me to write this post and introduce Violet Contours to you now.

After leaving the pub in shock from discovering Violet Contours, I knew I had to check them out online and to my surprise publicity was nil and so I felt I had to reach out to the lads and change this. After a few emails back and fourth, under a week later I met both Ben- the lead singer and guitarist- as well as bassist Sam. I was eager to hear more about the band.

It was clear from the start that they were new to this (as, admittedly, was I at interviewing so it put us all at ease knowing we were all in a similar boat). Ben early on said they’d had very little press so we started with the basics.

Ben: I’m Ben, 21. We’re all based in York but I’m currently in Manchester at uni. As for the band, it started here before I left so I still come back for gigs and practice. It’s only now that things have started to move a bit more for us.

Sam: Yeah, I’m Sam, 25. I play guitar. We’ve got Danny (the drummer) also 25 and then Niall is 23 (bassist) and then Ben- obviously the baby of the group.  We’ve all known each other for a long time; a couple of us went to the same primary school and through just being friends it kind of happened.

Ben: Everyone just knows everyone in York so it was all primary schools and high schools in the same area. It was a case of knowing a friend who plays an instrument and joining together and it worked.

What attracted me to the lads’ sound was the similar tones to many favorite artists past and present. You could definitely hear those influences during their set. They expressed their main influences for their sound had to be Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Little Comets. With this, an added tropical element showed through the set due to Sam’s childhood spent in Africa which really influenced the tracks, giving them a similar sound to a Mysticism fave; KYKO.

It’s any musicians’ dream, as anyone else’s, to do what they love as their job and while that’s what Violet Contours continue to strive for, reality is still a thing, bills are still coming and being small and local for the time being, everyday jobs are still to be done…

Ben: Well I’m in Manchester doing music at a place called the BIMM. They’ve had some great artists coming out of there; The Kooks, Two Door Cinema club, George Ezra…

Sam: Yeah we all have jobs. I’m currently working in a warehouse using my degree to its full potential there! [he jokes]. I didn’t do music at uni I just played guitar.

Ben: Danny sells windows and doors in Leeds and Niall and does bits of everything really laboring jobs etc. Along side the band, everyone is trying to earn a living.

But the reality of jobs won’t get in the way of them getting where they want to be. We discussed what they had planned for the next year.

Ben: Our Main objective for 2017 is to make the band official. We want to build up a fan base here [in York] and in other areas too. 

Sam: A shit ton more gigs is definitely part of the plan. Getting our music out there. 

Ben: I’d definitely like to see us release our first EP by the end of 2017. Putting out that psychical thing which will show everyone what we’re all about. A single as well; something to get up onto places like SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes. But yeah, more gigs and hopefully supporting some decent bands along the way. 

Breaking into the music industry is a hard job and I don’t envy bands trying to do just that but now with social media, music magazines and online music blogs like us here,  it seems the task might be a little easier now and we asked the lads what they thought of this.

Ben: We really need to up our social media game. We have Facebook and SoundCloud but that’s about it. 

Sam: It’s finding the time to juggle it all. If we had management, it would be something that would really help us but being so new we’re still trying to establish ourselves. 

Ben: As much as it is about the live shows and supporting acts, a lot of it now relies on that social media following that we’ve yet to really get. But as big as people like Justin Bieber, he came from being discovered on Youtube to getting a record deal and it shows how important it’s become to have that media presence that we definitely need to work on. 

Here at Mytacism we are happy to report that the lads have now got Twitter.

Both Ben and Sam showed to us the humble routes to the band. Violet Contours are small but they strive for big goals. Dan expressed the dream to play at big arenas, play at packed festivals and to headline a show. They have the same dreams as many other bands today and hopefully Violet Contours will be one of those that will actually live up that dream.

Since this interview took place, the lads have gone and recorded a new song to add to their SoundCloud; ‘Electric Bodies’. A previous SOTD, this is a perfect release for them to showcase what they’re all about after a year without any new sound available to listen to online. The vibrant sound and laid back lyrics will have this song stuck in your head. It’s another upbeat indie track that we are always craving here at Mytacism. It’d be great to see you give the quartet some love over on Soundcloud.

It’s now 2017 and another year for the band. With their hearts set on releasing some new music, we can tell you that they are already on their way to accomplishing that wish. From hearing them live, it’s apparent that they have stacks of songs ready for you all to hear and we can’t for them to be released to you guys.

We are happy to introduce you to Violet Contours and are excited to report on the progress they make along the way.

Twitter / FacebookSoundCloud

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